About me

Coming from the dance world and having a back injury, I first discovered Pilates in Athens back in 2006 after I finished my MA in Performance Studies in the U.K.

I finished my Pilates training in 2008, taught by Evgenia Papadopoulou, a student of Romana Kryzanowska.

My passion for knowledge and always going deeper into the method grew as the years passed by. From 2011 to 2022 I lived in Abu Dhabi and I attended numerous workshops, events and classes with many exceptional teachers around the world.

In 2020-2021 I completed the 'Weekends With Jay' program (60hours program) taught by the Pilates elder Jay Grimes in Vintage Pilates. This was created for 20 teachers who wanted to go deeper into the classical method and explore the way the method was taught to Jay by Joe Pilates and his wife Clara.

During that year I met Gloria Gasperi; 2nd generation teacher, student of Jay Grimes and one of the very few chosen to complete the ‘Teaching the Work’ program at Vintage Pilates, L.A . In 2022-2023 I attended her Master Program in Italy created for teachers that would like to keep exploring, connecting and understanding the Pilates method.

As the years pass by, the Pilates method always keeps fascinating me. Having had the honour to meet teachers from around the world, I am pleased to be hosting the Athens Classical Pilates Conference 2024 bringing together 4 world renowned teachers that I have been inspired by.

“Pilates for me is the perfect source of life. Working hard to find your inner strength. Bringing you to a place where your body, mind and spirit work together to create a better version of yourself.”